Wednesday, September 15, 2010

26 weeks later.

Today my baby is 26 weeks grown.  I can hardly believe it and some days it still doesn't feel real. 
He kicks regularly and this has been great comfort while my OH has been in hospital, like having an imaginary friend to share my day with.  I guess it's a bit healthier than talking to myself :) 
It does, however, mean that there are only 14 bloody weeks until Christmas and my plan to make most of my gifts this year is falling behind schedule.  I need to finish the nursery before I can clear the crazy amount of baby 'stuff' I have gathered out of my sewing room.  No doubt another excuse will have surfaced by then and the sewing will be postponed yet further.
I recently visited a craft fair where my intention was to purchase Christmas gifts but all I purchased was a Sparrowarms button ring, (it looked awesome with my outfit), and a crocheted blue octopus for the baby.

On a different note, when I went for a wee I could have sworn that the baby was actually stomping on my bladder as I was weeing.  Faster mummy, faster..........little bugger!

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  1. That's funny. My daughter used to kick at my bladder when it got too full - I don't think she liked it taking up her space :)