Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm a snake master!

Well, another weekend has passed with my partner in hospital so it's pretty rubbish at home without him.  Operation today should fix him up nicely and a few weeks at home to recover.
On a brighter note, the nursery is almost fully wallpapered, (should get the last bits done tonight), and ready for painting.  I've decided to scrap all fanciful plans for decoration and just go very plain.  Blue walls, perhaps with a splash of colour and then plain curtains which I can add applique to.  At this stage I'd rather get it finished than create a masterpiece.  Baby won't be arsed what colour it is and I doubt I'll even notice at 3am!!
As the title of this post would suggest, I am now the snake master.  With my partner, (and fellow zoo-keeper), out of action I have had to maintain feeding/cleaning of said animals by myself.  This is fine when it's ferrets or lizards...even the spiders are fairly straightforward but the snakes are a different matter entirely.  Each night they have been prowling around their enclosures in full hunting mode and clearly very hungry.  I could put it off no longer and last night decided to feed them.  I won't go into the details of feeding but it does NOT and never will include live rodents.  The problem is, I've never done it before and only shown a vague interest when my OH is doing it.  The 'whooosh' always makes me jump as the snake strikes its prey and now it would be my hand holding the tongs!!  12 snakes all fed and happy by 11pm last night.  I was really sweating but very proud :)
Anyhoos, off to look busy....hope everyone had a great weekend xx


  1. You brave lady. I could NOT feed snakes. They don't frighten me, but I would be frightened of that 'whoosh' as you describe it.
    We only have "normal" pets, dogs and fish. Little H loves them and he can definitely control the dogs better than I can! x

  2. Haha, I never thought I would feed the snakes either...just one of those things you do because you have no option I guess. I won't be rushing to do it again though!!
    If you ever need another cat just holler, mine drives me up the wall :)