Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a quickie!

Well, hurrah for Fridays!  I've actually been busy at work today - which makes a's such a waste to spend 8 hours of your life clock-watching, (yes, that DOES say clock).
I'm waiting to hear if I can collect my new car today or if I have to wait even longer, thus ebbing away yet more of my 'I'm getting a new car...wooohooo' excitement.  I've officially sold my Mini and will part with it in the morning, (my sister-in-law has bought it so it's not going far), and was hoping to have my next wheels in place for a smoothe transition.  Alas, the seller of my gas-guzzling, safe and sturdy, size of a tank Nissan X-Trail had failed to notice that the MOT has lapsed.  I therefore have to wait until this is rectified.  BOO!!
Never mind, patience is a virtue and all that.  I just hate having to rely on other people to drive me about....I'm so glad I can still afford to run a car once the baby is here.  Not being able to visit the Mothership, (aka Abakhan Fabrics), or the Blue and Yellow Mecca, (aka Ikea), to buy piles of fabric would actually drive me insane.
I appear to be rambling.  This is a phenomenon I suffer from on a constant basis although I do try to keep it to myself, (and now my unborn son who is probably fed up of his mums voice already).

It is now my intent to refrain from weekend posts and instead take lots of photos of my weekend and post them on a Monday for everyone to peep at.

Have a good one y'all xx

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  1. Ooooh waiting is such a killer. Hope your wheels get to you speedily!