Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabric Shopping Complete.

Hooray, I feel invigorated after a trip to buy fabric and fastenings this afternoon!  I feel like I'm actually making progress towards Christmas present crafting.  Tomorrow I shall put on my comfy trousers and assume my place in front of the sewing machine.  The plan is to make one of each items first using tutorials from noodlehead..  I plan to make the keyring purse and the gathered clutch from the online tutorials and then washbags from a sewing book I have - I'll link it once I remember the name.
Here are some photos of my purchases today.....I have wierd taste in fabric so don't be alarmed!

Bags of goodies I brought home:
Zebra print to make clutches and pirate stuff for baby jones...I'm thinking dungarees:
Lightweight waterproof fabric to line the these: 
Fusable interfacing, keyring stuff, random zips and mustard yellow cotton:
Bits of cotton fabric to make...well...everything:
With 100+ fabrics in my sewing room there really wasn't any need to buy more but I just can't resist!!
Lets hope I wake up in a sewing mood tomorrow!!

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