Monday, March 28, 2011

Central Heating Wars.

Perhaps it's just in my house but the central heating and control thereof seems to turn this house into a battleground on an alarmingly frequent basis.  To set the scene, (and try to sway you onto my side of the arguement!), I'm on maternity leave and at home all day as well as being the payer of the energy bills so I have more than a vested interest in the central heating.  Scottish Power also decided last month that they were increasing my direct debit from £75 per month up to £121 which is smashing news when you have dropped to less than a quarter of your wages thanks to the generous maternity pay!!  Anyway, back to the battleground.
Me and my partner have very different views about heating the house, it makes no sense to me that I'm so hot in the day as it's glorious weather outside and yet I'm having to open a window because the heating has kicked in too.  I usually tolerate it for 2 days then I go and start fiddling with the radiator settings in each room, (why oh why does the radiator in the spare room need to be turned to maximum??), as well as resetting all the little clicky things on the boiler timer to reflect better the actual requirements for heating.  Now, this sabotage will go unnoticed as long as the weather remains roughly the same, however, on random cold nights such as yesterday the tell-tale comment, such as "stop fiddling with the effing timer on the boiler", lets me know that I've been rumbled.  I suggest to him that he simply switches the heating on for a while but usually end up being lectured on the most efficient way to heat a house.  And so the cycle continues.  Hey-ho.
On a lighter note I have happened upon the worlds greatest Disney film, if you haven't seen it then I suggest you do - it's absolutely brilliant!!

The film is called 'UP', the start will make you cry but it's such a wonderful film.

Hope you remembered to do your census forms xx


  1. Yes, we have UP on DVD and we love it. As for the heating, companies are ripping the British public off terribly right now, just taking advantage of the high cost of fuel and bunging an extra 20-30 quid on top of the bill.

    CJ xx

  2. I'm just glad the weather is warming up so the fuel bills will go down again!
    I'm going to go have a look for your book CJ, I need something new to read :) Is it really as much of a minefield to get published as it appears to be? I have written and illustrated a few childrens books but not sure a publisher would even look at them! Think I'll get about 20 under my belt before making the leap! xx

  3. SP did the same to us because we'd used loads over winter but I called them and told them NO CHANCE! Then I went to EON and got a better deal, and SP came crawling back with an even better deal, haha. I'm a bit of a heating miser, though, it's got to be 'see your breath cold' for me to put it on!

  4. I'm a bit curmudgeonly too when it comes to the heating....last night I suggested my partner put a jumper on...he then suggested I go and sit in the garden!!