Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who Switched on the Elephant?

Why is it that as soon as Bubba is sleeping and we need to be quiet we seem to turn into noisy, clumsy elephants?  Doors crashing, floorboards creaking and the general collisions of one item into another....I actually just did it there...mid type I drove my cup of tea into the edge of my porridge bowl with a clatter.  Fortunately the wee beastie is wide awake and engaging in his daily bout of smashing his gym animals hard in the face.  I'm operating a round-robin system for toys at the moment as he gets bored VERY quickly.  He's only 12 weeks and already I feel like I've done a few rounds in the boxing ring at close of play each the hell will I cope when he's on the move?  Hopefully I'll shed one of these extra bellies I've accumulated!

Bubba had a go in his Bumbo chair this morning and he looked so teeny weeny in it (he actually weighed 14lb 6oz last week) :

He looks a bit naughty, think that's a face I'd best get used to!
I also introduced him to Ollie, the octopus I made over a year ago.  I'm so glad I didn't give it away after all.

I'm having withdrawal symptoms from sewing at the moment.....our house has just gone up for sale and to get it close to normaldom we had to put pretty much all our surplus stuff into sewing machine, my overlocker, my fabric *cry*.  To make it worse I still get Sew Hip! magazine delivered every month and am itching to have a go at some of the patterns...this month they had a dinosaur cape which I will have to make.

Farewell sewing room, thankyou for awakening a creative side I never knew I had :

This was taken on a fairly tidy day but still looks like the elephants have been in! xx

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