Thursday, March 3, 2011

In The Bag Baby!

Well, here I am again having finally surfaced 9 weeks after giving birth, (can you call it giving birth if you had a c-section?!), and I'm ready to crack on once again with the blogging malarky.
You may notice some changes to my blog....I am now a mumbling mum and the crafting, although not gone completely, has taken a serious back seat.
I've learned so much over the past few weeks.  You could say that I've had a peep behind the puppet show and seen the strings.....motherhood is bloody hard work....and quite lonely...very frustrating...constant worrying and an absolute delight all rolled into one, (although very much the hard stuff in these early weeks).
I could ramble for pages about babies and my own wee beastie but would probably not blog very much having done so.  Instead I'll dedicate each post to something I've learned or just want to share.
Please please please write comments and give feedback as I'd love to think that a struggling mum may one day read this and find some solice in our experiences.

So, my first post is all about what to take to the hospital in your labour bag.  I must have read 20 lists detailing everything I would need and quite frankly they missed out at least one very, very important item.

Massive, over-the-belly-and-far-far-away pants.  Here's why:

I didn't expect to have a c-section, I knew about them but it didn't really click that I might have to have one.  I did.  So, it's the day after my op, I'm bleeding (a lot), can't even bear to think about my wound and basically just crying a lot.  I need to use one of those super-delux enormous pads (they were included in the list) but unfortunately the top of my knickers sit right in the fold where my darling son emerged from and I definately can't wear them.  It didn't occur to me (well, I was very busy weeping) that I could get enormous pants from just about anywhere so I didn't request that anyone bring me any.  Instead I sat on a giant bed pad feeling grubby and disgusting for 3 days.....oh, the joys of motherhood!  Upon returning home I went straight out and bought 15 pairs and proudly wear them to this day, (although my belly is very, very slowly shrinking).
My partner finds said pants particularly amusing and takes every opportunity to hold a pair aloft and declare that he thought they were a babygrow/tent/t-shirt and chuckle merrily.  Sometimes you just don't realise how much danger you are really in!
Ladies - Don't forget your massive pants!!

So, what's the one thing you'd advise a mother-to-be must bring to the hospital?

I couldn't sign off without a photo of my bubba :


  1. Love it, so true and I would add take the biggest thickest pad you can buy.....and be prepared to still wear two of them!!

  2. I'm still in big pants too, anything else rubs the scar!

  3. Mine would have to be big pants too - I had a c section too.

    Glad to have found you blog :)

    p.s. You don't live far from me