Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Son is Crackers!

He bloody loves his Jumperoo, I had to take this short video to prove it!!  Money well spent as I get at least 30 mins peace a day when he's in it :)

It's amazing how quickly he's learned how the features on it work....when the music stops he has to jump to restart it.  I can't stop laughing when he's in it and it's amazing to watch him learn and grow.


  1. This has brought back some cracking memories. Amy used to have something similar and had such a good laugh watching her bounce about in it!

    CJ xx

  2. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog! It's good to find yours. We didn't have a jumperoo but I have heard how great they are. My son had a walker with a steering wheel and lots of musical buttons and he loved it! and like you say when you are not used to getting any peace, 30 minutes is a luxury! :-) xx

  3. CJ - It has me in hysterics watching him, he's such a funny baby :)

    MATB - 30 minutes peace is like gold dust, just wish I did something more constructive with that time!!

  4. Need one of these for ma boy (Fergus)

  5. Best money I've spent so far....if you buy one keep every single piece of packaging so you can re-sell it on Ebay as new, should get two thirds of your money back for it :)
    Us Scots love a bargain!!