Friday, March 25, 2011

Your Mothers Music.

Can you hear that?  Listen a bit closer......that, my friends, is the sound of a well rested mum and let me tell you....he's asleep as I type too!  Yes, dream feeding has officially been thrown out of the window as it seems to disturb his sleep pattern and cause him to wake up 2 or 3 times in the night.  Instead we just let him do as he pleases which, fortunately, involves sleeping from 8pm until 4.30am...I then spend an hour feeding him and trying in vain to get him back to sleep before giving up and trudging downstairs for a brew.  It only takes about another 30 minutes before Bubba decides that he does want to sleep after here we are!
I had a strange idea a while back to compile a list of legendary albums that have influenced me/shaped me/saved me over the years and plan, on his 13th birthday, to give my Bubba an iPod with these albums pre-loaded onto it.  As a teenager once myself...long, long ago....I have felt the power of music at times when the world was a dark, lonely place but I had to discover Frank Zappa, The Ramones etc for myself.  Through fear that Bubba will never stumble upon such awesomeness I would like to hand him them on a's then up to him if he likes it or not. 
The length of this list could spiral out of control so I am limiting myself to 10 albums.  I'm just throwing band names around at this stage and will whittle the list down later....just holler if you think I'm missing something important....doesn't have to be your favourite band, just an iconic one :)

Here goes (in no particular order - much like my mind):
- The Ramones
- Jimi Hendrix
- Bob Marley
- Nirvana
- Rage Against the Machine
- Frank Zappa
- Pink Floyd
- Queen
- Michael Jackson
- The Eagles
- Willie Nelson
- Tracy Chapman
- Lynyrd Skynyrd
- Battlefield Band
- Queen

The list could go on and on.  To make it even more difficult, I think I'll select just one song from each band too...if he likes it then he can listen to the whole album in his own time!
It's a good job I have quite a few years to sort this out...this could take a while!

Anything I've missed?

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  1. Good idea! I too had to discover awesome music myself, we have nightmares of Lyra liking music like Bieber, we may have to disown her.